Popular Coorg Festivals That Are Truly Tourist Delights


The beautiful place Coorg sprawling with enthralling plantations and wildlife is a must-visit tourist hub and a land of festivals. The most popular ones are as follows:


  • Hutharo or Puttari: This harvest festival is celebrated at the end of October or November.
  • Kailmahurtha: The Kailpoldh or Kaimahurtha festival is celebrated in September. Locals worship their harvest equipment and weapons like guns, swords, knives, and vehicles in this festival.
  • Kaveri Sankramana: This festival is held in October in Talakaveri in which Goddess Kaveri is worshipped.
  • Madikeri Dasara: During the Madikeri festival celebrated in the Madikeri town, a procession of beautifully adorned structures of Gods known as ‘Theru’ can be seen on the roads of Madikeri town all night. Thousands of people flock to the town to see the ‘Theru’ and the orchestra and dance competitions held there.
  • Shivarathri: During the Shivarathri festival youths dressed up as Lord Shiva visits several houses to collect food and various other items. This is part of the festival ritual.


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What Makes Coorg A Must-Visit Tourist Destination?



Coorg is popularly known as India’s Scotland for its rich wildlife, panoramic views and for its exotic coffee plantations. In the recent years, it has emerged as one of India’s prime tourist destinations for several reasons. Some of the top-sightseeing places in Coorg are as follows:


  • Abbi Falls: A couple of streams of the Western Ghats combine to form this spectacular fall.
  • Omkareshwara Temple: Lord Shiva’s Omkareshwara Temple is an architectural splendour that combines the Islamic and Gothic architectural styles.
  • Bylakuppe: Taste a slice of Tibet in Coorg by visiting Bylakuppe. It is the largest South India’s Tibetan settlement and is home to the Namdroling monastery.
  • Coffee Plantation: Be captivated for its blue colour.
  • Nisargadhama: Be enraptured by the beauty of the Nisargadhama Island packed with peacocks, deer and sandalwood trees. Reach it by a striking hanging bridge.
  • Madikeri Fort: Marvel at the architectural splendour of the Madikeri


For all these reasons, plan a vacation and arrange for a comfy stay at one of the best homestay in Coorg and enjoy a one-of-a-kind travel experience.